October 11, 2012


avane. The word pavane simply means song. I’m not sure then why so many classical pieces with the title of Pavane are so beautiful. If it’s just a song...

Here’s an example. This is Pavane pour un infante defunte or Song for a dead princess. Ravel wrote this song for the funeral of the princess at the request of the king. It is a hauntingly beautiful piece and I have loved it since I first heard it almost 30 years ago (thank you Dr. Ellsworth).

So I was pleased to see the most recent video by The Piano Guys, Titanium / Pavane, mixing David Guetto’s Titanium with Gabriel Fauré’s Pavane. First, listen to Fauré’s Pavane:

And, finally, the Piano Guys with Titanium / Pavane:

Where would we be without music?


  1. I love the piano guys!! It seems that everything they produce is amazing. And I would be depressed, bored, and way less "colorful" without music. I'm practicing for heaven's choir :)

  2. Richard, I enjoyed the three videos, however number 3 made my heart feel light. Heading to youtube to hear more. Thank you so much for this sharing post :)

    ~And best wishes to Mary with the choir: "Hallelujah, how the angels sang".

    1. I'm glad you liked these, Dixie. Pavane pour un infante defunte (the first video) has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. But The Piano Guys put such a great spin on their music. I think Faure's Pavane will become one of my favorites now.


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