September 12, 2012


eptember 11! Yesterday we remembered the terrible September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the foiled attack that ended up crashing in the Pennsylvania field. That attack—11 years ago yesterday—was a terribly difficult time for our nation, but showed how strong our nation was at the time. I hope we would show such strength and determination now.

The sunrise coming up over Washington, DC,
as seen from my office

Yesterday was a beautiful day, much like September 11, 2001. The cool air and a beautiful sunrise I noticed through the office window made me head out to the Francis Scott Key Memorial Bridge. I needed the exercise and wanted to enjoy the beautiful morning.

Walking back to my office I noticed that many of the office buildings had hung very large American flags to honor those fallen on that day. It made me proud—similar to the way I felt shortly after the attacks. God has greatly blessed this nation. It is time that we the people turn back to him.

Key Bridge over the Potomac River
Rowers from Georgetown University practicing on a very steamy Potomac River
The Deloitte office building in Rosslyn, VA

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