May 19, 2012

Photographer Tadas Černiauskas

You gotta love photography. In what other profession can you have fun like this and get paid for it?

Photographer Tadas Černiauskas captured portraits of willing subjects who posed for the portrait as a photographer’s assistant aimed a running leaf blower at their faces. Check them out here: Blowing in the Wind - Leaf Blower Portraits! They’re pretty amazing (and fun).

Now I’d like to see him do the same type of series, except with the subjects being members of Congress and the Obama administration. Now those would be popular!


  1. Seriously, Nancy Pilosi already looks like this. And have you seen our current governor of NC? She's a carbon copy of Leger's "Joker". Hilarious.

  2. Politics will do strange things to your face. Almost as bad as a leaf blower.


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