February 13, 2012

Portraiture - my passion!


t’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I have become far too busy lately. But even in my busy-ness, which is all work related, I managed to enjoy photography.

I was asked to take portraits of the people in my group at work who were interested in updating their profile pictures on our internal social networking site, D Street. I, of course, immediately accepted this offer and we set up a day to take some “executive portraits.”

Our firm’s branding calls for a somewhat casual look set in natural light and taken in one of our offices. So I took all of these pictures in a small conference room on the 9th floor of our Rosslyn office, just across the Potomac River from the Kennedy Center and downtown Washington, DC. Unfortunately, you can’t see much of the tourist landmarks in these pictures, but you can see the people—which is the point of portraiture anyway.

Sophia is Ethiopian and has wonderful stories to tell. She’s kind and caring and amazingly competent. I am proud to be one of her associates.
Kate is our newest editor. She is vivacious, entertaining, and an extremely good editor.
Rob is a fantastic proposal manager who is a total and complete pleasure to work with. I am blessed to be part of his team.
I don’t work very closely with Jenni, but she is one of the people I would never have met if it were not for my photography. This passion of mine has brought me in contact with more awesome people than you can imagine.
Tyrone is one of our graphic artists, so I sit very close to him. I am a graphic designer with a focus on page layout and Tyrone is a graphic designer with a focus on illustration. Tyrone is a wonderful person who exudes gentleness, kindness, and a love for life and humanity.
The beautiful Kristen is our chief of staff. She is so competent in every way that it boggles the mind. A true pleasure to work with ... always!
Sasha is a recent addition to our team. She is incredibly intelligent—speaking five languages and still acting like a normal person. We are all in awe of her intellect, and yet she is delightfully unassuming.
James is the lead graphic artist on our team. He’s very talented and is also a very good manager. He seems to have an innate understanding of people’s motives and motivations.
Suzanne is another person I don’t get to work with very often. But she is special among this group. After all the other portraits had been taken, she came back and asked me to give it another go. I used my favorite lens, even though it is a difficult lens to use. I’m glad she came back because my first attempts didn’t even come close to this one.
This collage is just a few of the almost 100 portraits I took that day. It was a blast!

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