July 30, 2011

Blog Header - July 30, 2011

Crepes from the stovetop of my wife. No wonder I have trouble with my weight.


  1. Yum! The strawberry would not affect your weight. I guess it is all that other good stuff.

  2. My son added the strawberry. My wife made the crepes and the chocolate mousse and added the chocolate whipped cream. Oh my - I'm having a sugar rush just remembering it. It was amazing!

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous photo. My mouth is watering! Is this your photo talents or Kim's?

    I love the plate, too. How pretty! It would go very nicely in my strawberry kitchen. Please tell Kim that if she ever wants to throw it away, to throw it in my direction. ;)

  4. My photography; Kim's camera; our plates; Kim's cooking and David's arrangement of the elements in the picture. David also was the crepe designer for this particular crepe - and the were soooooo good.

    We've had those plates since the first week of our marriage. That was one of our first purchases. You're invited to come celebrate our choice in dinnerware with us. Kim will even make some chocolate mousse crepes with strawberries.


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