March 09, 2011

Color Purple Walk - March 8, 2011 (continued)

These are the remaining four photos from yesterday’s Color Purple walk. Today’s walk will be in the area around my office. I did not bring my camera with me to work today, so there will not be any photos from today’s exercise and color purple expedition. But still I will be looking.

Awesome bark falling off of a neighborhood tree
A great house in our neighborhood
Another angle – my son calls this the “haunted house”
The view from Richardson Hill into the town of Front Royal
Our house is far up the hill to the left of the restaurant Jalisco


  1. Nice pix.

    So, what is a Color Purple walk? I am unfamiliar with the phrase. If you explained this earlier in your blog, I apologize in advance.

  2. No problem - I have used this phrase so many times over the years that I have been doing this blog that I sometimes forget to tell people what it is. I see that you have already read the prior post, where it is explained - so I won't repeated it here.

    But if you're curious about how I've used this phrase in the past, click on the topic at the top of the post - ColorPurple. That will give you the full list of blog posts that reference the Color Purple.


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