February 04, 2011



ave I mentioned how much I love photography? Yeah, I know... I have—probably way too often. However, I have been recently reminded of why I love photography so much: the memories kept.

Kim & David at Stratford Hall (2005)

I was cleaning up some files on my computer and found a wonderful small treasure of photos of my wife and son from the past five years or so. It’s an eclectic collection of photos from here and there, with no particular theme other than family fun. It brought back some wonderful memories and gave me cause to reminisce a bit. It reminded me of the old 35mm film spools, negatives, printing, and scanning. It reminded me of the many good times we’ve had as a family. It reminded me of how incredibly gorgeous my wife is. I’m glad the first of those three things has changed. And I’m glad the other two have not.

Kim & David at Stratford Hall (2005)

It seems all too easy to pile up memories of bad things. But we don’t tend to photograph the bad—our minds do that well enough. It’s the good times that prompt us to pull out the camera and capture the moment for posterity.

Western Day at Occoquan Bible Church (2006)

Recent events in the lives of some of our friends have reminded us of many of the bad things that have happened in the past five years. And those reminders are important too. They remind us of the need to grow, and learn, and protect ourselves and our friends from the attacks of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

But the photographs I recently discovered have reminded us of so many ways in which the Lord has blessed our family. And it is good to keep those memories alive. Those are the memories that help us get through the difficult times when they inevitably arrive—reminders of God’s grace.

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.
—Philippians 4:8

Kim being interviewed on being named
“National Photographer of the Year” (2006)
Me standing with my wife
(trying to ride her coattails)


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  1. Tomas Turner2/04/2011 7:26 AM

    Good way of putting this, Richard. God's grace is wonderful!


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