February 28, 2011

Japan - through the eyes of Trey Ratcliff


have a few favorite photographers—some dead, some living—all inspiring. One of my contemporary favorites is Trey Ratcliff of Stuck In Customs. He was one of the first people I found on the internet who seemed to have a good grasp on HDR photographer. And he shares his grasp of HDR with those of us who are just beginning to discover its wonders. I highly recommend his blog, which features some of the best HDR photos I’ve seen out there.

But Trey also does unique and compelling videos. Here is his most recent video from a recent trip to Japan:

As for HDR photography, here are three images I captured the month before last when I was working downtown in one of our Washington, DC, offices. Mine are not as nice as Trey’s, but I’m learning and they sure are fun to take.

The ceiling of the lobby to the Hyatt Regency hotel - Washington, D.C.
My office building’s lobby - Washington, D.C.
Another photo of my office building’s lobby


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