February 07, 2011

America on the decline


his year’s Superbowl was a great game—even though I was cheering for the team that lost. And if the game were only the game and not the spectacle that the Superbowl has become, it would have been tremendously enjoyable.

But... unfortunately, the traditionally outstanding commercials were far below par—with one commercial really angering me by including a curse word for no reason as it aired during prime time (7:00 pm) on a family event (check it out below when the kids aren’t in the room). The half-time show featured horrible music with horrible singing accompanied by bizarre and disgusting dancing, pathetically awful costumes, stupid political shout-outs, and incompetent sound reinforcement. And it was all kicked off in keeping with the overall theme of mediocrity by the worst rendition of the National Anthem ever—even worse than Rosanne Barr’s terrible performance. And Rosanne is a comedian who was trying to be funny at the time. Christine Aguilera is a professional singer who should be able to sing our nation’s anthem with respect and should be able to come close to getting the words right.

Hint: Nowhere in our National Anthem does it say that “our plane was still there.”

Christine Aguilera’s terrible performance

Lipton Tea’s curse word commercial

Worst-ever halftime show


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