January 27, 2011

Snow... again


hen we moved to Front Royal, Virginia, we immediately fell in love with the local beauty. And we have continued to enjoy it—season after season. But the snow here has proven to be particularly gorgeous.

The view along one side of our house

Last night we had our first significant snow accumulation of the season—about 7 inches—and it was beautiful. We had light snow throughout the day yesterday and then in the early evening it began to come fast and heavy. David went out and enjoyed the falling snow as long as he could handle the accompanying cold. When we went to bed, there were two or three inches on the ground and our neighborhood had taken on the look of a Currier & Ives print.

The view from our front porch

But this morning we woke up to more than half a foot of accumulation. And because the temperature was hovering around freezing for most of the snowfall, it had come down in the heavier form of snow that sticks to everything. So the tree limbs and even the telephone wires are laden with beautiful fluffy whiteness that looks almost like icing.

I headed out with my camera at 6:30 this morning to capture a few pictures of the beauty. I hope you enjoy them, while we enjoy the real thing.


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