November 07, 2010

Yours To Break

Ever get tired of having heartaches? Tempted to wall off your heart so you can't care anymore? Here's a poem I wrote this morning in the AM service, thanking God for a heart that can break:

Thank you, Lord, for a heart that loves,
That hurts, and sometimes bleeds.
That gets itself wrapped up around
Some folks who have great needs.

Sometimes that means my heart will break
Or have a cause to grieve,
If some of those I've learned to love
Should one day have to leave.

But Father, this tender heart is Yours
For You to mold and make.
And if it brings You glory, Lord,
My heart is yours to break.




  1. Wow! Mary!
    How powerful your poem is. It touches me deeply and I so appreciate you sharing it. It is so profound and beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. thank you, Heather. I will tell you a story... I was sitting in the service prelude, Pastor read a scripture, and it seemed to just say something to the situation of my week. I felt I needed to surrender the "hurt" and be careful to love. We started the first worship song, but I got out my notebook; I had the first phrase of the poem in my head and didn't want to lose it with the song lyrics. But as I opened my notebook for an empty page, my notebook opened directly to a page...a note from the ladies I had roomed with at a conference a couple of weekends ago, and it was words of encouragement and love for me. AMAZING!! I BAWLED!! God saved that note for THAT moment to give me one of His awesome "God Hugs". Then I turned the page and began to write the first line of the poem. The rest of it just spilled out as I was listening to Pastor's sermon on loving without partiality. It was one of those days when from start to finish, God orchestrated the whole thing to get a point across to me. So He gets the glory for the words of this poem, I'm just thankful He let me be the recipient!


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