October 04, 2010

Portraits - My not-so-secret passion


lmost 30 years ago I was in college with a shutterbug for a roommate. My friend Ron joined the yearbook staff our freshman year, and he was seldom without his camera. At the time, I had an inexpensive Polaroid camera. I bought a decent 35mm camera as soon as I got out of college—and I have been in love with photography ever since. Click on the pictures in this post to see the high resolution versions

One of our kids when we were youth leaders 15 years ago
Scanned from film print
Senior portrait taken in our basement – 1995
Scanned from film negative

As I explored different types of photography, portraiture continually rose to the top of my list. I love taking pictures of people—especially women. Formal, casual, outdoor, studio, posed, candid—I love them all. So over the past almost 30 years I have compiled a huge collection of portraits of people. Some of the portraits are studio shots of clients, friends, and family. Some of them are candid portraits of people I have never met. But they’re all portraits. This is the photography that I love.

Someone I don’t know (Strawberry Festival — 2010)
Someone I don’t know (Deloitte IMPACT Day — 2010)
Someone I don’t know (Pittsburgh, Duquesne Incline 2005)

So when a friend of mine told me about the Portrait Professional software, I immediately wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, that was about three years ago and I simply could not afford to purchase the software.

A couple at the Front Royal Wine & Craft Festival – 2010
Two couples at the Front Royal Wine & Craft Festival – 2010

So I downloaded the free version to try a little experimentation. It was pretty cool. And I wanted it even more after experimenting with it. But the free version could not save high resolution files and it superimposed a watermark over the person’s face. It was a cool piece of software, but I couldn’t justify the cost.

Stephanie and David – Skyline Caverns – 2010
Kim on our honeymoon
Scanned from film print

But then last week I had a birthday. I won’t get into the details of how old I am or whether or not cyanotype prints were the standard of photography when I was born. But ... my in-laws purchased Portrait Professional for me.

So now I’m going through my photos from the past 25 years or so and having fun with the software. My older photos were from the days of slides and negatives. I scanned many of those into digital format on a very cheap, low-quality scanner. But this software still makes the pictures look good—albeit, with quite a bit of lint and grain clearly visible.

If you’d like a copy of Portrait Professional for yourself, do it quickly—it’s on a time-limited 50% off sale right now. Go for it! Get your copy of Portrait Professional here.

Kim – 2004
Kim – 2006
Kim and David—this past spring


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