October 02, 2010

My love song

Mary Fuller


omorrow is a really special day for me. 23 years ago, I married the man who was my best friend and my sweetheart. On that special day, Lance and I sang a duet with each other, Household of Faith, by Steve Green. My sister thought it was cool because we were already in the process of building a physical house in which to live. I also sang and played an original composition for him.

There were some tense moments as I tried to shed my satin gloves to play the piano—I tried to get them off without pulling off the "glue on" nails I'd had expertly applied earlier that morning. My matron of honor looked on, waiting for the gloves to hold while I played. She finally encouraged me to just "rip them off" and she'd turn them outside right while I played. Well, below are the lyrics to this simple song, and the words are so much more true now than ever! I'm so glad we've stayed together all these years!!

Here I stand before you on this our wedding day;
The day when we will pledge our loyalty.
Yet I can't believe my eyes, you're more than I could hope for -
You are the Father's gift of love so great to me.

I could never dream of the man I've found in you.
You are the man God chose for me to love.
You are my best friend, you're every dream come true.
You are a gift from my Father above.


  1. Beautiful love story pledged to one another with God's never ending love!
    Happy Anniversary Mary and Lance! Sing it again! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ To ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  2. Happy anniversary, Mary and Lance. Congratulations!


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