October 29, 2010

I was recently reminded of a difficult trial that really shook my foundation. What follows was written in the front of my Bible after a long conversation with a good friend way back in December of 1982. He helped me gain and maintain my perspective when I had been greatly misunderstood. Amazingly, just a couple years later, God restored the relationships that were broken, and let my true heart and motives be seen. In the hurt, I learned that I had to rest in Him, cling to Him, and WAIT for Him!

While enduring a trial, I must remain:

1. Simply Secure
    a. in my relationship to Christ
    b. in my relationship to others
    c. in my own self-assessment

KNOWING that my residence is not here but in Heaven,

APPLYING all I know about God to my life, to help me keep perspective in the situation I am in


2. Supremely Satisfied in the mundane things of everyday life

KNOWING that every trivial moment of my day is a stepping stone to becoming like Christ,

APPLYING to my life the simple fact that I do not serve men, but the living Christ.

So that no matter what circumstances may cross my path, what stakes may be uprooted in my life, or even if I am someday totally alone and misunderstood, that I may maintain a stable, consistent Christian life until the appearing of Christ.


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