September 17, 2010

It’s Friday - Desperate


his weekend I get to do music again! It’s been a while, but this weekend I’ll be playing my bass once again. Here’s the story:

Back in April I was riding the bus home from work one evening, sitting a few seats behind the bus driver, Jeff. The guy in front of me was looking through some photographs of very nice guitars. So I asked him who the guitars belonged to. The bus driver said, “They’re mine.” We began discussing guitars and music and the conversation finally came around to the fact that he is the leader of a Christian band that tours sometimes during the week and plays on Sundays in the church pastored by his father.

Jeff’s father is a graduate of Liberty University; we lived a few miles from Liberty in Lynchburg, Va., just seven months earlier. Jeff’s daughter was finishing up her senior year of high school and was planning to go to Liberty in the fall. It’s a small world.

So now it’s the fall. Jeff’s daughter has left the nest. She’s now living in Lynchburg and attending Liberty University. And ... oh, did I mention? She was the bass player in Jeff’s band. So now the band is without a bass player.

So a few weeks ago I received a call from Jeff asking me if I would consider joining the band, at least for an important upcoming event at his father’s church—an event that happens this coming Sunday. I visited Jeff’s house during their next practice session so I could hear the band. Then I began to practice with them. We have one more practice tomorrow before the big event on Sunday. We’ll be playing about seven or eight songs—all of them are either completely new to me or at least new arrangements. So I’m going to have to concentrate.

But the band is great and the songs are good—and some of the songs are a complete blast to play. One of the really fun songs is the song “Desperate” by Fireflight. I can’t wait to play this one:

Kim is going to try to videotape some of the songs. If anything comes out reasonably decent, I’ll post it here.



  1. Glad you have the opportunity to play! Looking forward to the videos! Maybe you can school Don!

  2. Dean - I'm so excited to be able to play again. It's been about a year since I last played the bass in church and I really miss it.

    This is not a type of music I have ever played before, so it will be interesting. But it really is fun.

    The other songs we'll be playing are mostly popular praise & worship songs, but all of the arrangements are serious rock arrangements, not the typical pop style music most churches perform.


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