September 15, 2010

The Fingerprints of God


s we've homeschooled our children, we have tried to get them to evaluate everything through their biblical worldview. A couple of really neat things have happened in the last couple of days that tell me that it's hitting home. It's a bit of an encouragement from God, I think, to calm mama and daddy's hearts that as we send the girls out in the next few months to college or on their own, that we can trust God with their hearts. They still have choices to make on their own, but if the scriptures are in them and they are considering them regularly, they have a good compass to follow. One of the things we've done is incorporate a year of Theology (college level Theology I) in their junior year, and in this, their senior year, we are studying Apologetics. This year we are teaching them to evaluate other faiths as well as the objections others raise to Biblical Christianity, and help them solidify their own faith by doing so.


First, Brooke is working at McDonald's and has had multiple opportunities to share her faith and explore the faiths of others. She has been especially curious about Mormonism, and so I gave her the Book of Mormon and let her start reading it. Don't gasp too loudly. This is part of Apologetics—examining the primary sources of other faiths and putting them up against the light of Scripture. She has been exploring questions about the book of Mormon with a couple of co-workers, and yesterday, we met with two Mormon missionaries, her co-worker, as well as the host mom of her co-worker (she is a Russian student on exchange). Brooke did a great job sticking to the gospel and sharing her faith while still being gentle and learning more from these missionaries about what they believe. I really believe this was an "exam" for her Apologetics class, and tried very hard to let her carry the conversation and just observe.  But even Sister Dodge, one of the missionaries said, "I'm glad you study your Bible the way you do. That is good," in response to Brooke's ability to just flip to a passage to answer their questions or to make a point, so I think I'd give her an "A" on the exam. There's more to the story, and I'd love to chat with anyone about it.


Lanelle is studying Psychology I this year, which is an AP course. The last two lessons have been on nature vs. nurture (or genetics vs. environment) as well as evolutionary psychology as it relates to personality development. Today, she had a writing assignment, and I decided to copy it here. She, too, is looking at the study of the psyche from a Biblical perspective, evaluating what she is learning through the lens of Scriptural truth, and I think this paper is a good example of that.

Consider the following question

What has been the most important influence in your life, and why?

Lanelle's response:

The biggest influence on my life behaviorally, would have to be the Bible. Before I started writing this paper, I jokingly put down "God," but to be completely honest, it's true. As I am reading the chapter on "evolutionary psychology" I can't help but agree on some level. Before one is saved, indeed, he is the product of his impulses, bound only to do what he was programmed to do—he inherits the sins of his father. Once he admits that cannot stop these impulses—no matter who "trains" him, or "influences" his thinking—then seeks help from God, God's word begins to literally change the way he thinks. That's a miracle. Only something greater than himself can change the way a human thinks.

The Bible has shaped the way I respond to others. I used to be very introverted, now I now it doesn't matter what people's opinion of me is, because my security is in Christ. I love speaking to and meeting new people. The change has been drastic. It's pretty cool.

DISCLAIMER: It must be said that all this isn't a result of great parenting or because we've chosen to homeschool our children. The reality is that God has been working in their hearts and that the Scriptures are affecting the way they think and act in their world. There's something to be said for us as grown-ups, here. We need to let God's Word have its way in our lives as well.



  1. This is great, Mary. You sure do have some great kids. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Darla Bernath9/16/2010 4:11 AM

    Hey Mary! What a great way to feature the beauty of pur God as well as the beauty of your girls, inside and out! I love to hang with them almost as much as I enjoy hangin with you. Your lives are such a testimony and there is much evidence of His Grace! Love you guys!!

  3. What a great testimony! Indeed, God has been working in your girls and has left evidence, His fingerprints, in the way they respond to life! Oh, that we would diligently study His Word, increasingly trust His promises, and explicitly obey His commands! See 2 Peter 1:1-11.


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