June 20, 2010

Blog Header - June 16, 2010

I took this photo at the wonderful retreat home of Thomas Jefferson—Poplar Forest, Virginia. The historic Poplar Forest puts on special events a few times each year and the woman in this photo is one of their regular period actors. She uses flax to make all kinds of things, including wigs.

Poplar Forest is a fantastic place, and it gives you a unique feel for Thomas Jefferson, one of our most amazing and inspiring founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson wrote most of the writings we are familiar with from this location, which was his home after he the public life of the U.S. presidency. It is located in Forest, Virginia, the next town over from Lynchburg, Virginia. We were frequent guests at Poplar Forest until we moved to Front Royal this past August. It is one of the things we miss from Lynchburg.


  1. The Blog header is an amazing photo! Good job!

  2. Thanks, Aimee. Are you talking about the one of the falcon? I took that yesterday at the Celtic festival. I don't comment on the new blog headers until I take them down because I don't want the same graphic repeated twice in a row.

    Those birds were amazingly gorgeous.


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