June 27, 2010

Blast from the past


love photographs! I guess everyone probably already realizes that, so I’m not giving you a whole lot of new information here. But I was reminded of my love for photographs yesterday.

My work computer has run out of hard drive space, so yesterday I purchased an external hard drive and spent some time moving things over to that drive to free up space on my primary drive. Some of the things I moved were photos from recent years. As I moved the photos from Occoquan Bible Church (OBC) over the external drive, I noticed a few of my wife Kim. We attended OBC just before we moved to Lynchburg. In terms of activities and opportunities to forge friendships, OBC was the antithesis to the church we attended in Lynchburg. I have never seen such a busy church. There were always things happening, and the people involved took great efforts to do it all with quality and professionalism.

This photo of Kim is from the FestiFall event—a harvest festival of sorts that was first launched the year that the church moved into its first building. The intention of the event was to provide an opportunity for the people of the community to get to know our church’s people. They had pony rides, moon bounces, crafts, games, and loads of food—all free for the folks of the community.

I also found this photo of David and me from about the same time. This was at Prince William Park—the park where my sister got married. And we were visiting the park with my sister and her family when Kim took this picture of David and me.

Great stuff. And I’m glad I found these photos to remind me of those days.


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