May 16, 2010

Happy anniversary, Kim

Kim, on our honeymoon

Twenty-four years ago tomorrow, May 17, 1985, I married the prettiest girl I knew. Kim and I had known each other essentially all our lives, and she married me anyway. And she has been the best wife anyone could ever imagine for almost a quarter of a century now.

We had no idea, twenty-four years ago, where God would be taking us. And had we known at the time, we may have reconsidered. But after having walked these roads with my wife for half my life now, I can honestly say I would do it all again. In fact, I could never have done it without her.

Kim, yesterday

For twenty-four years we have tried to move out of the Washington, DC, area. For twenty-four years we have looked for a good church. For nine years we tried to have a child. Then we adopted a crack baby and have spent the ensuing 15 years loving this child while at the same time wondering if we can possible make it as his parents. We have made many geographic moves, joined with many churches, and been accused of poor parenting by more people than you can possibly imagine. But at this twenty-four year milestone in our marriage God has led us to the most wonderful town either of us have ever lived in. He has put us in a home that is essentially our dream home. He has provided education for our son that has succeeded better than any previous education. And he has led us to a wonderful church with a delightful pastor’s family and great people.

It has been a twisty road with some serious rough patches over these past twenty-four years. But through it all I have had the love of the most wonderful wife imaginable. And God has brought us to this point with blessings too many to count.

Thank you, God. And Happy anniversary, Kim. I love you.



  1. Congrats! Bob and I share the same anniversary, only 5 years earlier!

  2. Congratulations, and what a precious tribute to your wife! I'm so glad David is finding the educational experience he needed in Front Royal, and that you love your house. I often find myself singing "Oh Shenandoah, I hear you calling . . ." and I think of being in MD this past March, and of both of you in Front Royal.

  3. Congratulations and belated anniversary wishes!


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