April 05, 2010

Settling In


ell, we’ve emptied a lot of boxes, and we’re getting fairly comfy. There are still things we haven’t found, and the irony is that I specially packed those things so I could find them right away! But yes, the new house is incredible. Lance is such a talented artisan!

School is back in session. For the present, we have the kids’ school area in the dining room—visible as you walk in the front door. That’s a bit disheartening, as it’s such a pretty house. But I’ve lovingly dubbed the school area as “the call center”—three computers are lined up along one wall, and it’s utterly hilarious. Lance is going to put in countertop soon and dress that area up so it's not quite so dumpy looking.

I’m wonderfully thrilled with the music room, complete with doors. We have so many instruments and music. It’s great to have a place to keep them all. I gave my first lesson there Friday. I’m now adding students here at home, and that's very exciting.

I love the way the kitchen and family room are open to each other—it lends itself well to gatherings. I hope to finally have a teen gathering, which we have nicknamed Fuller Fun Fests, sometime this month. My kids have the greatest group of friends, and I love spending time with them.



  1. Wow, your home is beautiful!

  2. I love the ceiling in the "call center" - and that kitchen is quite awesome as well. Congratulations, Mary. It's a beautiful house.


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