April 11, 2010

Blog Header - April 11, 2010

Today is the Lord’s Day. I miss the way our parents’ generation called Sunday “the Lord’s Day” so comfortably. In today’s politically correct climate it’s hard to imagine anyone using that term publicly anymore.

So what does that have to do with the photo I’m using as the blogheader for the beginning of this week? Prepare yourself for the frightening machinations of my mind.

The weather turned a bit warmer just before Easter. Spring has sprung in the Nation’s Capitol. The flowering trees and bushes are everywhere. When I go to work in D.C. I see the cherry blossoms and forsythia and hyacinths in large clusters along the highway. The cherry blossoms bloom all around the Tidal Basin and line the streets along the Mall. I see their beauty from our office windows overlooking the Potomac River.

And when I’m at home (in the heart of the apple orchards) I see flowering apple trees everywhere. The mountains have a pebbly appearance caused by the flowering trees interspersed among the trees that are sprouting their deep green baby leaves. That pebbly appearance will soften soon into an amazing panoply of myriad shades of verdant green.

The weather has been near perfect for the past couple of weeks with a wonderful warmth from the sun during the day (not too hot, but warm enough to encourage you to tip your head back, close your eyes, and just feel the warm sun on your face) and a nice nip in the air at night. We have had large, fluffy clouds providing a sense of contrast with the deep blue low-humidity sky.

Today’s blog header photo doesn’t show those details, but it shows what happens when spring hits. I took this photo last Saturday when my son and I went to the local park. It was packed with people out enjoying the day. I cropped tightly on these two girls talking on the playground equipment in this photo, but there were people everywhere.

So.... I have been reminded lately of God’s wonderful creativity. The beauty of his nature never ceases to amaze me. And it makes me realize that every day is the Lord’s Day. We have been told to set aside one day to honor the Lord. But he gives us the gift of his beauty every day—if only we pay attention and notice it.

Have a wonderful Lord’s Day today.

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