April 08, 2010



have always been fascinated by the stories of Atlantis—a fallen empire, an island that sank into the sea, an advanced culture with amazing technology—these theories have always captured my imagination. So when I found an ebook of The Antediluvian World I immediately downloaded it to my phone so I could read it on the bus during my lengthy commutes. And it has been fascinating.

In The Antediluvian World Ignatius Donnelly has theorized that Plato’s description of Atlantis is historically accurate. He theorizes that Atlantis was a very large island located in the Atlantic Ocean somewhat near the Mediterranean Sea, overlapping the European and African continents. The Azores Archipelago, according to Donnelly, are the remaining mountaintops of the sunken Atlantis.

Donnelly wrote The Antediluvian World in the late 1800s, but so far I don’t see anything that could be discounted by recent discoveries or archeological digs or oceanic exploration. It has been a fascinating read.

So I decided to check out the Azores on Google Earth to see what the ocean bed looks like around the Azore islands. And I found these pictures that make me desperately want to visit. I’m sensing a vacation plan here.

Simply amazing. I need to see (and photograph) this before I die.


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