March 19, 2010

Dear World


find it so hard to empathize with those who are different than I am. Recognizing this common human tendency, the folks at Revolutionary Media (Website | Facebook) of Portland, Oregon, have published Dear World to remind us that we have brothers and sisters in Christ who are homeless. This book is available as a free download from now until April 11th as part of a greater call to action.

Dear World is full of stories, examples, thoughts, inspirations, and challenges of how the body of Christ can begin to live as Jesus lived, and reach out to those in our very own communities. The book contains excerpts of letters written by the street community to the world. Readers will meet:

  • Miranda—a former meth addict who has found healing and restoration.
  • Jeremiah, a young man who, like many Americans, misjudged the economic stability and lost it all
  • and others

Their stories are paired with their portraits, and readers are given an eye-opening view of what life is really like on the street—nd how we can help people stay off it.

What is the call to action?

  1. Download - Download Dear World and tell your world about it. Retweet the link, or place it in your Facebook status.
  2. Do Something - After you read Dear World, do something to help the homeless. The ideas are endless. Whether you take a homeless person to lunch and hear their story, write your senator, or volunteer at a soup kitchen, the goal is the same. Get out of your comfort zone to help someone else.
  3. Document your story – Document your story with words and or photos, then email it to Revolutionary Media will post all the stories that come in to encourage and inspire others to affect this issue.
  4. Discover - Revolutionary Media is offering prizes to 3 of the stories received. These three stories must encompass the heart of reaching out as Jesus' hands and feet. The 3 prizes include: a hard-bound copy of Dear World [valued at $65], a softcover of Dear World [valued at $45], and two Dear World posters [valued at $20].


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