March 16, 2010

Blog Header - March 16, 2010


oday’s header is a photo I took of the Natural Bridge in Virginia. Natural Bridge and a wonderfully scenic place with a large hotel and separate cottages for folks who stay overnight.

The Natural Bridge, as seen from below during the day

A few years ago, when Kim ran support groups for Adoptive Family Preservation, the parent organization (United Family Services) sponsored an adoption event at the Natural Bridge. It was our family’s first time visiting, although I had been there as a small child. We found Natural Bridge to be a fantastic place for families and for Christians.

Each night during the warm weather months, Natural Bridge presents “Creation.” The audience is seated under the Natural Bridge and listens to an orator read the biblical account of the six days of creation from Genesis. Each day of creation is choreographed with a classical music piece and a light show. The lights are directed at and around the bridge and the effect is stunning. I don’t think it would be possible to overstate the impact of this presentation—especially for those who believe in God.

“The Creation”

At the beginning of the show the folks in attendance were happily chattering with each other and the kids were playing along the edges of the seats set up for the show. By the end of the show the only sound you could hear was the sound of folks sniffing and wiping the tears from their cheeks. As the 500+ people people walked away from the bridge after the show had ended, hardly a word was spoken. It is truly an awe-inspiring site and one not to be missed.


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