February 19, 2010

When We All Get To Heaven



  1. I have an on-line friend who is into bluegrass (I believe his kids play). I sent him the GVB's campfire version of "Child Forgiven" which has some bluegrass-style piano and guitar. He told that the guys show too much emotion (they're mainly smiling their heads off) for it to be bluegrass and that it's really Gospel. I think this one meets the authentic bluegrass definition more. Plus this has a banjo, and that didn't. :-)

  2. That's funny. I hadn't really heard that the lack of a smile was needed for true bluegrass, but now that you mention it - I have noticed it in some of the best bluegrass bands over the years. This group in the video I posted doesn't completely avoid smiling. The woman playing the double bass is a regular Chesire Cat.

    If you want to see one of the all-time best bluegrass bands (no smiling in sight), check this out. It's the Darling family on the Andy Griffith Show - otherwise known professionally as "The Dillards."

  3. Heh, fun. Andy is grinning, but he's not really one of the Darlings.

    I noticed the woman bass player here. They oughta have a talk with her about all that smiling. :-)


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