February 15, 2010

Snow, snow, and more snow

Although we are dug out pretty well around our house, the roads in Washington, D.C., are still quite bad. Many of the 3- and 4-lane roads have been reduced to single lane roads with large mountains of snow to either side. This makes it particularly difficult to get around the city. And today was a federal holiday. I’m dreading tomorrow’s commute when all the federal employees return to work. Yikes!

I find it interesting that we humans get so full of ourselves and think we have so much control. We’re so proud of our technological know-how. But a few feet of snow brings our technology to a grinding halt. Perhaps grinding is not the right word. Spinning with no traction is more like it.

But the piles of white stuff everywhere have given me a newfound interest in snow. I found this great video on Hulu and thought you might like to see it as well. God displays his incredible creativity in so many different ways.


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  1. Wow, Rich, thanks for sharing -- this is fascinating stuff! I'm going to have the kids take a look at it later today. "Homeschool teaching moment"!!!


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