February 02, 2010

Another snow storm?

This video is quite poor. I took it on my cell phone, and the quality just isn’t that great. But I had to run out and capture a video of the fifth snowstorm of the season. Virginia just does not normally get much snow. But it has been continual this winter. And they’re forecasting another pretty big snow storm this time. I wish you could see the snow better in this video. It was actually really coming down hard and is forecast to continue until tomorrow morning at around 4:00 with six inches of accumulation.



  1. It's funny how these things work. Here we are hosting the winter olympics and we are experiencing the warmest winter in many years. Needless to say, it would be good to ship in all the snow you are getting for our mountains. LOL. Hope you have snow boots.

  2. So you're from Canada, eh? It's weird how we're getting all this snow and cold weather when we hardly ever get snow and our Great White North neighbors are not getting it at this time.

    I wish we could share our snow with you, but I don't think Canadians would think this is very much snow. It's all in the perception.


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