January 20, 2010

An equal and opposite reaction

The people of Massachusetts have sent a strong message to the bull-headed Democrats in Congress. The senatorial seat held for two generations by Edward Kennedy has been turned over to a Republican who had trailed the opposing Democrat by up to 30 polling points in recent weeks. The apparent turn-around favoring the the Republican Scott Brown came when the White House bribed members of Congress to vote for the health care bill despite their reservations. Corrupt governing means less time in office.

And back for an encore presentation, here are Ray Stevens’ thoughts on the subject (along with the rest of us):

Do you think the Democrats got the message? Don’t count on it.


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  1. The federal government needs to fix its serious problems with Social Security and Medicare first. Why in the world ANYBODY would endorse incompetent bunglers to manage yet another failure along the same lines is beyond me. Track records speak volumes.


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