December 19, 2009

We woke to a mantle of white

The snow started falling lightly at around 8:30 last night. The forecast called for 10 to 16 inches of snow by this afternoon with continued accumulation beyond that into tomorrow morning. By 10:00 pm the snow was covering all the grass and the road.

This morning (about 6:00 am), we woke to this. And it’s coming down with fervor right now—about five hours later. We have at least 3 more inches of accumulation since I took these pictures early this morning.

View from the left side of our front porch

View from the right side of our front porch



  1. Isn't that pretty. Ours started about 11 last night and it's clear this morning. About an inch on the ground.

  2. Just looked at the radar map - looks like you are getting clobbered. Glad we live in Canada.

  3. The TV news just said that we're getting a little more than one inch of snow per hour. I just looked out in front of our house and we have at least two feet on the ground now. The heavy accumulation will continue for another 3 hours at least with lighter accumulation continuing until mid-morning Sunday. I think church may be cancelled.


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