August 26, 2009

A new stage of life


new home. A new town. A new church. New friends. New neighbors. New schedule. New school. And on top of it all, it’s high school. Today is a very important day in my son David’s life.

Kim and David standing on the porch of our new home

This summer has been a time of many changes and of excruciating expectations. But the summer is drawing to an end and we are now living in our new home, which we love; in our new town, which we love; and we are beginning to settle in.

The entrance to David’s new school
—Skyline High School—

David was really looking forward to high school and was expecting early in the summer to attend a highly rated high school in Lynchburg. His favorite one-on-one assistant is the football coach at this high school, so David was very excited about actually going to Mr. Moseley’s school and being able to see him regularly.

But then God moved us to Front Royal.

God’s purposes are always the best and he promises that he will work everything to the best for those who love him. So we know that this is the best school for David at this point in time. And we have heard many good things about the school; we have been impressed with the school representatives that we have met so far; and we were amazed at the beauty and extent of the school grounds and facilities. It looks like it will be a good school.

One of David’s classmates’ cars

So now we place it all in God’s loving hands and pray that this will be a stellar year for David. He is entering a very important time in life and he needs to buckle down and make it all count. We’re praying that this school and the teachers and friends he makes will help him toward that goal.

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