August 08, 2009

House hunting again

Y esterday we spent the entire day in the Front Royal, Va., area looking for a house to rent. It turned out to be a positive day. We looked at four houses and submitted applications to rent two of them. Of course, we don’t actually need two houses, but we are out of time to find a place to live and thought that maybe applying for two houses at once, in spite of the additional processing fees, would give us more of a chance of avoiding homelessness in about a week and a half.

The Indian Store’s teepee

Both of the houses we applied for are nice and we could definitely see our family living in either of them.

David at the Afton Mts. Overlook

They are very different from each other; our real estate agent seemed a bit confused as to why we would apply for two houses that were seemingly so very different. But we are not looking for the things most families look for in houses. Our needs are quite different from others’ needs, due primarily to our son’s medical issues. And we simply are looking for the house that will bring the most glory to God while providing us with our need of shelter.

The area we are looking for houses in is quite a distance from Lynchburg. It takes essentially all day to simply drive there and back, so we try to leverage our trips there to get as much accomplished as possible. And this trip was no different—we expected to spend all day with our agent looking at houses. But we actually found two houses with “For Rent” signs in front of them along the road on our way to Front Royal. We stopped and called the owners to set up appointments to see those houses as soon as we saw them. Then we continued on into town and met up with our agent. By early afternoon we had looked at the houses and put in two applications. We then met with a friend of my parents who thought he might be able to help us find a house to rent.

David jumping from rock to rock
with Kim waiting patiently in the background

We ended up leaving to head back to Lynchburg a good bit earlier than we had originally planned. We decided to stop at the Indian Store along the side of the highway so David could get out, play a bit, and see some of the cool stuff those stores tend to sell. It was a nice break in the trip, allowing us to stretch our legs and walk around a bit. We took another break at the Afton Mountains roadside overlook to get some more slight exercise. These two stops helped break the trip into manageable segments and made the trip more pleasant.

We are hoping that this will be the last trip we have to make until we hear that we need to come to do a walk-through of the home we will be renting. So now we wait ... and pray.

Show your strength, Lord, so that we may sing and praise your power.
—Psalm 21:13


  1. What a cool picture of David jumping -- you will HAVE to explain it to me!


  2. LOL - That's just a bit of Photoshop fun. I had set the camera to rapid-fire shutter mode and forgot to turn that off, so when David asked me to take a picture of him jumping from the rock I ended up with three pictures that all had the exact same background. So I just made a composite of the three so you could see him in action.

    I had to erase the backgrounds on the first two pictures because there was slight camera motion, which would have caused the background to be a bit blurry. So the background you see in the picture is the one from the final picture--the one of him landing on the second rock. And I erased body parts from the pictures in order to show the parts in an appropriate 3-dimensional way. So his arm in the first position actually extends behind and past his body in the second position. So you can see his hand sticking forward past the shoulder of the middle image.

    Kinda cool, eh?


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