August 30, 2009

Blog Header - August 30, 2009


took today’s header photo at the 7-11 that I pass just before getting on the highway to go to work. This gorgeous car was at the pump getting gas the day that we traveled from Lynchburg to Front Royal to look at the house that we now live in.

Kim and I took quite a few photos of this car and the driver even posed the car for a few of them. It was a lot of fun.

But when I got the photos onto my computer, it seemed that something needed to be done on a few of them. I experimented with black & white, sepia-toning, increased and decreased saturation, and eventually ended up with this photo that is a mix of a few different thing. The background is sepia-toned after I decreased the contrast a bit. I also added some noise to the background to simulate film grain.

For the car, I put the photo through my HDR software and tone-mapped it. I then bumped the mid-tone saturation significantly, which leaves the reflected 7-11 sign glowing in an almost fluorescent way. I kinda liked the resultant contrast.

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