August 20, 2009

4Him –The Ride of Life


took today’s header photo at Dollywood last year while we were on vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This roller coaster track is from the Veggietales Roller Coaster. I am posting the 4Him song below because we as part of our own personal rollercoaster ride we just moved and will be unpacking boxes for the next few weeks. I thought it was fitting.

The above embedded player will play only 30 seconds of the song. Click here for the full version.

Ride of Life

The wheels of life are turnin’
I feel like I’m rollin’ down this track
And I know down deep inside my heart
I can’t look back

And though it’s hard discerning all of the fiction from the fact
You led me to this truth and we have made a pact

So as we go through highs and lows
And all those in between
It’s good to know I’m not alone
On this big scream machine...

'Cause it’s a rollercoaster ride of life
Lifts you up and lets you down
It’s a rollercoaster ride of life
Spins you ’round and ’round and ’round
Heaven knows wherever you go,
I’ll be right by your side,
On this rollercoaster, rollercoaster ride of life
Rollercoaster ride of life

So when I hear you callin’
’Cause you have hit your all-time low,
I will hold you to my side and I won’t let you go
And when it seems you’ve fallen
’Cause life has got you on a road
I will take the wheel and hit the brakes,

We’ll take it slow
And as we go through highs and lows
And all though in between
The Lord alone is in control
Of this big scream machine

The Lord is faithful,
He’ll be right by your side on this...
Rollercoaster ride

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