July 04, 2009

Independence Day at Poplar Forest

We spent July 4th at the delightful retreat and retirement home of Thomas Jefferson. Poplar Forest is a miniature Monticello in its basic layout. But although the house is miniaturized, the sense of Jefferson’s presence seems to be magnified here. As one of their staff members put it—Poplar Forest seems more “intimate.” I think that word describes it perfectly.

The header photo is of the drive leading to Poplar Forest. I will try to post some photos from this year’s Independence Day celebration tomorrow or Monday. As usual, we had a wonderful time visiting this historic home of our third president.

Here’s my Facebook photo album from the day.


  1. Thanks, Decadent. I'm glad that Canada joined us in celebrating July 4th this year by taking the day off of work. Of course, it might have had something to do with it falling on a Saturday.

    Hope you had are having a great weekend too.


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