July 08, 2009

The Circle of Life


was working in my office today when I heard my wife calling, “Rich, come here quick!” As a dutiful husband, I responded immediately. And I’m glad I did.

Kim pointed out the back window of our kitchen at two tiny little baby deer that were eating and frolicking in our back yard. Well, one was relieving himself while the other frolicked, but I was trying to be more genteel.

I grabbed my camera and quietly snuck out the back door. I managed to get within about 15 feet of one of the babies when she looked around the edge of the tree, spotted me and took off.

I saw the babies’ mother in our side yard. The two babies stopped at a tree partway to their mother and turned to look back at me. I raised the camera and snapped a picture. The sound of the shutter sent them running to Momma.

Of course, Momma deer perked up and looked around to see why her babies were galloping across the grass. She spotted me and stood watching me while the babies jumped through the tall grass around her. I took a couple more pictures and then very quietly and gently said, “It’s okay.” (Picture in your mind the saber-toothed tiger in Ice Age saying, “Where’s the baby? There he is!!”) The family immediately ran for cover.

I love watching the wild animals. They’re just so beautiful! Even if they are scared to death of the big mean man with the Canon camera.

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