June 08, 2009

Will we ever wake up?


uring the presidential campaign I heard regular proclamations that Barack Obama is a good Christian and that people who worry about his alleged Muslim roots are “fear-mongering.”

The campaign is over. Obama has shunned essentially every opportunity to honor the God of Judeo-Christianity. He has made consistent efforts to reach out to the Muslim world. Recently he has begun emphasizing his own Muslim roots and even went so far as to call the United States of America a “Muslim nation,” even though he had just recently denied that we are a “Christian nation.”

When will we wake up? Here’s a very disturbing story about his recent speech to the Muslim community in which Obama uses an Islamic text urging war against nonbelievers.


  1. I think he's trying to appeal to all sides, Richard. But it won't work. For example, after he visited the Buchenwald camps, he unequivocally stated you can't deny the holocaust took place -- which is exactly what some of the extremist Muslim leaders claim. Go figure.

    It may be he's reaching out to the more moderate people who are Islamic. I don't know. I got mixed vibes from the soundbites I did hear of him as he made this latest tour. I was not too happy about him downplaying America as "Christian" nation, but as I don't view the United States as having to be a Christian nation, I guess that doesn't bother me as much as it does some people. The fact that our country is founded on "Judeo-Christian" principles does not make it a "Christian nation" is how I view it.

    Furthermore, there are many people who live and act as though there is no God in our country - and this is what the rest of the world sees, as portrayed in the media.

    There is a LOT of confusion out there, and a lot of bridges that need to be mended and built.

    It is very hard to know how to diplomatically reach out without looking as though you are caving in, for to be frank, the USA has spouted a lot of garbage that the rest of the world associates with coming from a "Christian nation," and that is one of the major problems people from other cultures and mindsets have about us - and to be honest - it needs an apology, and I certainly don't mind if it is dissociated from true Christianity. Not that that was on Obama's mind - but I'm just explaining why his remarks didn't bother me as much as they did you.

    What concerns me most is Obama's socialist agenda, not this somewhat troublesome exercise in diplomacy. Also, the plans to shut down free speech. And health care. And abortion rights. And on and on.

  2. I agree, Lynn, that our country is not really a Christian nation. But neither is it a Muslim nation. And I was not really bothered by most of what he said other than the fact that it solidifies in my mind the fact that he is a socialist intent on damaging our nation. What made me post this link was the fact that he quoted Islamic scriptures that have been used to encourage Muslims to target Americans for death. That should not be done by the president of the United States. It is simply appalling.


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