June 24, 2009

Summertime fun


y son loves summertime. He loves being out of school and being able to play all day. He even loves the hot weather. But he gets bored within minutes on the first day of summer break.

So we are given the typical responsibility of trying to direct his energies.

Of course, we try the same things our parents tried even though they never worked for us either. If you’re bored you can clean your room. Or why don’t you read a book. Nope ... they don’t work any more with David than they did with us. In fact, they probably work less.

But David has always enjoyed dressing up. So today he decided to dress up—with no direction from us. He pulled out his cowboy hat and bent one side of the brim up at a sharp angle. He inserted a peacock feather into the band around his hat. He pulled out his old Renaissance festival cape from when he was about three years old. He pulled out my Renaissance sword. And he became D'Artagnan.

After running around (using his wooden sword) for a while, he came in to ask me if I could take a few pictures of him in his get-up and if I would allow him to use my sword. I consented and we took a few pictures out in the front yard.

Then, a little bit later in the day, we decided to cut his hair to help him stay cooler in the hot weather. Part way through the hair cut he decided he wanted a mohawk. So we gave it to him. He was quite excited about it until he realized that we thought he looked pretty cool with it. Then he said that we could take a picture of him with the mohawk, but he wanted us to finish the hair cut after we were done with the photographs. Kids these days.

I just thought you might like to catch a glimpse into life at the Gelina household during summer vacation. It’s never dull.

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