June 22, 2009

Soul's Spring

The snows are melting; dripping refreshing, life giving water down into roots of seemingly dead trees.
The wind has been warmed by a healthy dose of radiant sun.
The birds are returning from their southern flight.
And I can feel this in my heart.

Rays of sun chase away the bitter frost of winter’s cold blast, waking up the buds.
They emerge, hope-filled, and ready for that first refreshing rain.
The hum of buzzing bees signals the approaching spring.
The thaw has begun.

Now, the refreshing spring rains arrive, and with them, new life in places I’d forgotten existed.
Over there, a shoot rises from the previously frozen earth—
A soon-to-be tulip pushing up toward the warming sun.
And its beauty is overwhelming.

The trees, which have been resting in the cold winter blast, burst forth with lacy, waving leaves,
Applauding the arrival of this season of refreshing and renewing.
Everything around sings praise to their Creator.
And I heartily join them.

Thank you, my loving Heavenly Father, for the necessary rest of the winter now past.
Yet I thrill with expectation of what lies ahead in the renaissance of spring.
I see Your beauty, Your creative wonders, and marvel
That I am one of them.

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