June 29, 2009

Serious guitar playing


have a few heroes in the guitar world—actually, quite a few. But when it comes to jazz guitar, there are just a couple of guitarists that rise to the top. Those two are Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour. You’ve heard Larry Carlton quite a bit, most likely. He has been the studio guitarist on myriad rock-n-roll albums—most notably, all the Steely Dan albums. He has also played on tour with a very long list of artists. But he really shines when he plays jazz and blues under his own name. He is an outspoken and dedicated Christian and a phenomenal guitar player.

Lee Ritenour is the quintessential jazz guitarist. He’s not nearly as eclectic as Larry Carlton in his musical genres, staying very close to the jazz scene and venturing not much further than a bit of fusion and jazz-rock.

So I was quite pleased when I ran across this video of my two favorites playing together—along with an incredible bass player. I hope you enjoy it.

And here’s another one:

And yet another:

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