May 14, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I had the privilege of attending the graduation of some of my young homeschooling friends this last weekend. I am blessed to know such creative, driven, and delightful young people! I cannot wait to see what God has for them.

While there, I realized that it was 25 years ago to the day that I had graduated from college. That was a quarter of a century ago, if you think about it! Actually, thinking about it was what got me on Facebook several months ago. Since then I have connected with many of my former classmates and fellow collegians, and even some professors!

The "virtual reunion" has given me great courage for the future. I look back to who I was then, and to where God has graciously brought me, and I'm entirely amazed. No, I don't want you to think it has been a life of bliss and euphoria; far from it! But I see God's hand at work in my life and in the lives of those with whom I spent four of the most fascinating years of my life. He truly is conforming me to the image of Christ ever so slowly, it sometimes seems!

Shortly after joining up on Facebook with friends like Rich and Lydia, I wrote a song called "The Reunion Song" (original title, huh??) I'm posting the lyrics here, but also linking you to my one hit song on Garage Band so you can hear it as well. As you look forward and look back, I pray that you will see the hand of God directing you and conforming you to the image of His dear Son!!

Here are the lyrics:

The Reunion Song

Grateful, so grateful to see you once again.
A little older, maybe wiser, than we were back then.
As we remember, the old days, the joys, the heartaches too—
I know my life is much richer because of mem'ries made with you.

And now we're trading our stories, the triumphs and the tears,
And we're recounting, how our God has been faithful through the years.
And as we look back on who we were and who we have become
It gives me courage to face the days that still are yet to come.

And though we look back to old days, and all that's gone before,
We're looking forward to a New Day when we'll meet on Heaven's shore.
And when we see Him, we'll praise Him for all He's brought us through
And I will thank Him for old days, and the joy of knowing you.

Yes I will thank Him for old days, and the joy of knowing you!!

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