May 02, 2009

Into Focus

I wrote this poem about ten years ago when I was in a situation where another believer had said and done some injurious things. I had done my best to reconcile with her and tried to be patient with her mood swings, but it just got to the point where it was overwhelming because it was affecting other relationships around us and my own attitude toward church as well. Finally, I surrendered the outcome to the Lord, and this was my heart-cry.  

Please take my focus, Lord, off me
And then direct it upon Thee.
Then as in thee I find relief,
So lift my eyes above my grief.
Change my view from fellow man,
To look upon Thy sovereign plan.
And as from "self" you set me free,
Lord, help me serve Thee faithfully.

—Mary Fuller 1999


  1. Beautiful! May I post it on my blog, with attribution and a link to this post?

  2. Yes you may, and thank you for the compliment.

  3. Thank you, Mary. Timely and apropos encouragement.


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