May 03, 2009

House hunting 101

Our landlords have decided to put their house to a different use. We have been asked to look for a new place to live—soon.

This past weekend we were visiting my in-laws in Fort Valley, Virginia. We are not interested in moving to this location. It is far too rural and off the beaten path. But since we are currently in the looking-for-a-home frame of mind, we saw things from that angle.

There were quite a few homes that caught our attention as we drove over the mountain and through the woods. But we found the perfect place to live when we visited one of our favorite places on our way home from Grandma's house—Thomas Jefferson's Michie Tavern.

The pictures here are from the Michie Tavern, owned by Thomas Jefferson many years before he became the third president of the United States. This was a place that became known to travelers as a nice place to spend the night when they were traveling through the area. It is now a wonderful restaurant with some great scenery maintained in the style that existed when Thomas Jefferson saw these same sights.

The two photos shown here are exactly the type of home we would love—surrounded by trees, simple and beautiful. They're not likely to be found in Lynchburg, Virginia, but then we haven't checked every single house available here yet. Maybe they're out there somewhere.

Think we're shooting too high?


  1. Hope you find the place you are looking for - so lush and restful looking.

  2. Yes - this is what Virginia looks like if the people haven't chopped down all the trees. It really is a beautiful state. Too bad these houses aren't for sale.

  3. Probably - I'll pray for your search to land you at a good place for you.


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