May 09, 2009

Blog Header - May 9, 2009

We won't be living here in this house much longer, so I need to use the photos from this house relatively soon. Today's blog header was taken last fall as the deer at apples from the ground around our apple tree. The local deer love the apple and pear trees and have a particular fondness for the bushes and ground cover directly in front of our house. After a while they learned to trust us and would stand and watch us from a distance instead of running away when we drove into the driveway or walked out of the house. But after it got a little colder outside and they had more trouble finding food, we began to buy apples from the market and leave them on our sidewalk. The deer quickly learned that we were a source of food and lost all of their natural fear. Many times they have eaten the apples from our sidewalk while we stood in the doorway or on the front stoop, just a few feet away from them.

We hadn't seen the deer for a month or so and then a couple days ago as I worked near our front window, I looked up and saw a young deer walking through our front yard next to our car. He was probably no more than 15 feet from the window and just casually strolling along.

We'll miss the wildlife.


  1. Wow, to see this in your front yard - amazing!

  2. It is wonderful to see the wildlife in our front yard. In addition to the deer we have three ground hogs, a multitude of cottontail bunnies, and a gray fox that stays in the playground across the street - most likely hoping that one of the bunnies will venture a bit closer to him.

  3. Have you found a new place yet? Praying that it will be just what you need.

  4. We haven't found a new place yet. We met with a real estate agent this past weekend and looked at quite a few homes and set things in motion for other potential homes.

    Unfortunately, we're finding out that this is an incredibly slow-moving process. We're currently waiting for the bank pre-approval--another matter for prayer.

    Thanks for your prayers. They are very much needed.


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