May 29, 2009

What's in England's drinking water?

I love to watch American Idol. It's great to see the talent and cheer for my favorites. But when I compare American Idol to Britain's Got Talent, I can't help but wonder what England is doing that makes them so much better than us. Of course, none of the people in these three clips could qualify for American Idol. Two are too old; one is too young. And none of them have "the look," or "star appeal." But, man, are they talented.

They are not allowing embedding on this first one, so you’ll have to click this link to see Susan Boyle. But come back here to see the others. They’re all amazing.

This one can’t be embedded either, so you’ll need to click here to see this Flawless performance.


  1. Maybe it's the North Atlantic climate - just like their gardens.

  2. They do have awesome gardens, Decadent. There's a cottage in the area we're looking to move to that is to be put on the market in the next couple of weeks. We're really hoping that God will work things out for us to move into that house. We'd love to make it into a true English cottage, complete with gardens, arbors, roses, etc.

  3. I was saddened to hear of Susan Boyle's apparent breakdown and also the fact that she didn't take first place. She had such an inspiring story.

  4. I have a gut feeling she'll be fine - she just needs time.

    The judges are actually saying it's a good thing she didn't take first, because of her being so fragile and new to all this fame and attention (a lot of it negative) and pressure. That coming in second will take some of the stress off her.

    She lost to a group that was not anywhere close to her genre, and she knows full well that it was the younger set who preferred Diversity, and she came in a very strong second, among 10 acts. So of all the singers in that competition, she still won among the singers. And she knows about David Archuleta (sp) and Adam Lambert (two American Idol favorites) who took second. She's got to know she's not the only favorite this has happened to, and if she doesn't, I'm sure these things are boing pointed out to her.

    She just needs to regroup and get counseling on how to deal with the stress and pressure of this new life. And she'll make a hit recording or two or three, depending on how she fares, but at least one for sure, and that was her orignial dream, anyway.

    I hope she is able to tour with the BGT tour.

  5. And Clay Aiken came in second. He's one of my favorites from the whole string of seasons.

    I think she'll be okay too. But I was sorry to hear that it had happened to her. I imagine the press of fans/media/etc. can be overwhelming.


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