April 30, 2009

Soot Coffee - not recommended, but interesting

I ran across this interesting coffee recipe the other day and just thought I should share it with you.

Dr. Chase's Recipes; or Information for Everybody
by A. W. Chase, M.D.   © 1876

Soot Coffee—Has cured many cases of Ague, after everything else has failed. It is made as follows: Soot scraped from a chimney, (that from stove-pipes does not do,) 1 tablespoon, steeped in water 1pt., and settled with 1 egg beaten up in a little water, as for other coffee, with sugar and cream, 3 times daily with the meals, in place of other coffee. It has come in very much to aid restoration in Typhoid Fever, bad cases of Jaundice, Dyspepsia, etc., etc.


  1. I bet it would cure Jaundice alright - likely to a shade of green. What a hoot! Thanks.

  2. Scary stuff, eh Decadent? I might try making some of this if people I really don't like visit me.

  3. Eeeeeewww. Think I'll pass, at least until my Auge gets much worse.


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