April 06, 2009

The Rich Have Much to Learn

This is a neat idea from a church in Denver. Use the pause button feature so you can read the captions. You can also just click on a photo in the tray to disable the auto-forward.


  1. This is such a great idea. Thanks for posting this, Mary. I wish testimony times were as common today as they were when I was growing up. I remember wonderful testimony times in my church. It's a great method to increase the fellowship, love, and understanding of the individual members of the congregation.

    And to have those below the poverty line speak to those above it--what a fantastic idea.

  2. This guy is a gifted leader. He has spoken a couple of times at special events for our teens, and we have summer missions trips to his church for our teens. He is a unique individual with a vision for bringing the lost to Christ and a passion to disciple believers into a deep, meaningful relationship with our Lord.


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