April 12, 2009

He is risen!


  1. I do too. I became a huge fan of Keith Green's my freshman year of college (1980) when I was first introduced to his "So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt" album. The next year I heard Glad's first album and became a fan of their music too. This song brings two of my favorites together in a wonderful celebration of Christ's resurrection.

    BTW - I like your new profile pic. You look very studious.

  2. I think I like Glad's recording of it best of all. Wish I had a female voice like Ed Nalle's male voice. :-) If you know what I mean. He can really soar.

  3. I love this one from Glad too. Glad definitely had an 80s look in most of their videos, but their music was (and is) timeless. I have loved glad since my freshman year of college--the year they put out their first album.


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