April 05, 2009

Blog Header - April 5, 2009

Today's blog header is a photo of the front door and front porch (can you call that little thing a porch? - maybe "stoop") of our house. The small cast iron and wood bench is actually a portrait prop my wife used in her pre-school portraiture a couple years ago. It looks great in front of our house, although normal sized people can't really sit in it.

I recently saw a book called The Garden of God. It was a simple gardening journal written over many years in the life of a man who loves work around his house—beautifying it with shrubs, plants, and flowers. His compelling argument is that God has given us inredible beauty in the natural world and that our enjoyment is greatly increased when we notice and appreciate that beauty. He encourages folks to decorate their houses and yards with plants and flowers as part of God's command for man to "subdue the earth."

I believe this author has it right. And, although you can't see it in this photo, we have a beautiful shrub and flower garden to the left of the door. It was carefully planted a few years ago by our good friend, Peg (who also helped plant flowering shrubs and bushes all around our house). Walking to our front door is like entering an oasis in the desert. It is God's garden—or at least part of God's garden—and we love it.

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