April 24, 2009

Blog Header - April 24, 2009

I was asked to take some head shot portraits of a few of the people I work with earlier this week. While I was setting up the equipment I asked the people working nearby if they would like me to take their portraits. I needed to get a few test shots in and make exposure adjustments before the team showed up, and taking a few extra portraits would help me get my settings adjusted while providing some nice portraits for a few folks who normally would not be included in one of these portrait sessions.

This blog header is a photo I took on the sly of a wonderful young lady who had a great smile and a delightful personality. She had such a great expression on her face that I just had to get the picture, even though she was looking at my laptop instead of at the camera and her hands were not positioned as I would have positioned them were they to be included in a portrait. But I love this particular picture.

Ever since I got my first nice camera, I have loved taking pictures of people. It's never boring and quite often it's inspiring.

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