March 02, 2009

We woke to a blanket of snow

The view from the front door of our porch.

We knew the forecast. We knew school had been canceled. But when we went to bed there was just a dusting of snow on the ground and the snow had stopped falling.

The view from the back door of our porch

But it seemed quite bright all through the night. I kept waking up and thinking it was later than I usually wake up because of the brightness outside. But it was just shortly after midnight the first time I woke up and shortly after 2:00 am the second time. I think the sound of the wind and the brightness outside were the causes of my lack of sleep. But when I finally got up at around 5:00, the ground was covered with snow. As you can see from the above photo, the road in front of our house is not even identifiable. The total accumulation is around seven inches.

And it is beautiful.

And right on time—on this day of the largest snowfall of the year in Washington, DC, they're having a march against global warming. I sure hope their protest works. We can't stand too much more of this warming trend. It might melt the snow.


  1. We woke to maybe an inch but all gone by noon. Wow you guys really got it.

  2. Yeah - we got nailed, which is really unusual around here. We don't often get much accumulation here and what we do get is usually melted completely by the time the sun comes up.

    But we still have at least five or six inches on the ground and it's almost 5:00 pm. We're enjoying it.


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